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Printcraft Company, which has been in business for over 75 years, specializes in the production of many different forms of tags and labels ranging from garment tags (printed and woven), to law tags, to heat transfer, to poly-film, to thermal transfer and everything in between. Through the years, our growth has taken us from a small, single operation to a multi-faceted printing, solutions provider. We can print everything from a single color application to 8-color printing including 4-color process. Recently we expanded our domestic service in Lexington, NC and opened a company-owned facility in Wuxi, China to meet the ever changing needs in our global world.


Printcraft - Wuxi, China

Innovation is the heart of our company. Printcraft was a pioneer in the development of pressure sensitive satin cloth, heat seal satin cloth, and printing on Dupont Tyvek. Our goal is to provide cost competitive products with friendly and responsive service. Let us put our 75 years of experience to work for you today! Whatever your requirements, we offer a single choice in quality printing solutions and we are ready for the challenge.


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