At Printcraft we strive to weave sustainability into the DNA of our global culture. We work to define and prioritize sustainable initiatives, with a sharp eye on environmental and social responsibility. We choose achievable objectives, implement, execute, and then publish results throughout our organization.

We at Printcraft understand that sustainability campaigns begin with sustainable return on investment for our shareholders.


We take pride in our strategy to provide our employees with business and social training. We strive to give every single employee the opportunity to grow professionally within our organization. We provide on-going training to help better their lives and the lives of those that are close to them.

  • Women’s Empowerment: sponsored by the Walmart Foundation and conducted by World Vision
  • Training for all employees
  • Elective Training: English classes provided
  • Designed step training, to elevate employees to the next professional/pay grade level within our organization.

Other: Central America Employee Initiatives

  • Eye Glasses: Semi-annual free eye examinations. Printcraft provides half of the cost of eye-wear and payroll withdraw for the remainder for the eyeglass cost
  • Psychological support with a licensed on-staff psychology counselor to assist employees with any aspects of their business life and family life
  • World class pediatric clinic within our Central America FTZ, employee visits paid by Printcraft
  • Modern clinic for adults, within our Central American FTZ, employee visits paid by Printcraft
  • In-house lending bank for -0- cost loans for our people
  • 1 day per month we have sports day, where our employees exercise, play football, and enjoy a Printcraft sponsored barbeque


Printcraft believes in giving back to the community where our employees reside. We are very proud of our Gift of Life Campaign

Gift of Life Campaign: Our Hearts are In El Salvador

Printcraft Central America has set a goal to raise dollars to save at least 5 children’s lives per year, through the Gift of Life program. ( Employee fund raising, combined with Printcraft matching dollar for dollar, will allow us to achieve this goal every year. $3500 provides heart surgery for a child, post – op training for the family, and health food for the family for one year. Please keep an eye on our Central American blog, for news regarding this important community initiative. Our hearts are truly in El Salvador.


Printcraft fully recognizes the need to be environmentally aware, at all levels of our company.

As of June 2017 we will use 100% solar energy in El Salvador.

Printcraft commits to and measures results of:

  • Reduction in the use of chemicals in each of our global facilities. Where chemicals are required we fully commit to insuring that they are responsibly and professionally disposed of, after use.
  • A comprehensive training strategy for all employees in the handling and disposition of chemicals.
  • Recycling 100% of waste that is recyclable. We responsibly dispose of waste that is not recyclable.
  • A determined strategy to reduce our carbon foot print through energy savings at each of our global plants.
  • A comprehensive training strategy for all employees in managing their own carbon footprint, at their family level.
  • We are constantly debating new and achievable sustainability goals. Please come back for future updates on what we are doing for our teams, the community, and our local environments.